Our services are enumerated as follows:

  • IT Advisory Services
  • IT performance improvement
  • Business Architecture and Transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Data Integration and Custom Reporting
  • Gap Analysis
  • Quality Management
  • Custom Application Development
  • Offshore Consultancy Services

Change is the new lexicon of the business world. This when juxtaposed with IT is potent and a game changer. Thanks to the exponential growth in IT, it has empowered people and businesses the world over and fostered stiff competition. The pressures are on for staying ahead, consolidating market positions and for growth and expansions. There is also a perceptible change in customer needs, the need for speed and demand for newer and more improved technologies with high-end functionalities at low cost. Delving deep into our repertoire of expertise in Microsoft based technologies and experience in having successfully catered to a wide and diverse global clientele, ITBelly is uniquely positioned to offer a suite of consulting services and solutions to address all client requirements with deftness and confidence and in-line with the current market demands. There is no one solution fits all! Working in close association with clients we understand their business needs and offer high-end customized solutions to best meet their unique objectives. Careful analysis, planning and strategizing charts the trajectory for realizing the end goals of increased ROI, security, scalability and competiveness. ITBelly solutions are result oriented to facilitate Business IT alignment and Value Maximization. Our IT strategy and Governance frameworks help organizations manage people, processes and priorities to run IT like a business. ITBelly consulting services covers each and every aspect of Software Development, Project Management, Database Development, Web Application design & development and IT management.

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Sharepoint Services

SharePoint is a suite of many applications snowballed into one and which effectively connects people, technology and business. It is important to understand SharePoint and be well versed with the underlying technology to meet the unique business requirements and derive the maximum benefit. ITBelly with its core domain knowledge and expertise in Microsoft SharePoint provides end-to-end consulting services that comprises of basic configuration of WSS, deployment of MOSS, development of enterprise-wide portal to seamlessly integrate with the custom applications and disparate entities, etc. ITBelly relies on proper planning based on accurate client requirements for a successful implementation of the sprawling SharePoint application that fully meets the enterprise portal needs whilst facilitating the IT resources to remain focused on the business operations.

CRM Services

Customer relationship is crucial for any organization. Much effort is put in and strategies are planned to acquire, retain and establish a loyal customer base. The current day customers are an informed lot and aware of their rights and clear about their requirements. They do not mince words nor hesitate in voicing their displeasure. Most companies are under immense pressure to increase footfalls, revenues, customer satisfaction, etc. ITBelly offers end-to-end Customer Relationship Management Consulting services that is a combination of strategy, processes and technology that cuts across all available channels. The solutions offered are client specific and customized in view of the requirements, customer base and desired outputs. As a preliminary measure to designing the strategy and CRM solutions, ITBelly team begins with gaining insight into customer behavior relative to client requirements and through a combination of business intelligence, planning and latest technology, result oriented and customer-centric solutions are formulated for assured results.

Dotnet Services

.NET is a powerful and versatile technology released by Microsoft Technologies. It is the preferred choice of many developers to create dynamic websites, develop custom and innovative websites and a host of other XML web services. The technology offers a platform for rapid development and for creating secure, robust, interactive and scalable applications. ITBelly has a team of trained and certified Microsoft professionals who are well versed and proficient with the technology with in-depth knowledge of the framework and its finer nuances. ITBelly’s passion for .NET and its commitment of delivering the best to the client is evident in the setting up of a .NET Competency Centre which translates to the clients gaining an edge in terms of hitting the market first in terms of technology and its derived advantages. The centre aims to adopt the latest developments in .NET and promote the best development practices for the greater advantage of its clients. It also follows the MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework). Many of the frameworks developed in-house are reusable which in itself speaks volumes about our capabilities. They have been leveraged for many web services, .NET remoting, .NET compact frameworks etc.


Companies looking to reducing the cost of ownership or seeking to significantly enhance their revenues naturally look to technologies to effectuate the same. And, to the credit of technology there are systems, environments and platforms readily available that are promising and results oriented. For every perceived need there is a technology to materialize it! ‘Migrations’ is one such service that can do wonders to any enterprises economy. Whatever the environment one is currently in there is always scope for migrating to better and complex ones which fulfill the chalked out objectives. This however calls for careful planning and expertise as one wrong move can adversely affect the enterprises. ITBelly has a dedicated team of migration specialists with high acumen for analysis, planning and designing. Before any migration or upgradation initiatives are undertaken, considerable time is invested by the team in understanding the current environment. The best options in terms of single or hybrid configurations are weighed and feasibility studies conducted before zeroing in on the target platform. The team also realizes the importance of the actual migration process in meeting the goals. It is with utmost dedication the process is executed. The company offers migration services from single servers to high performance clustered systems and Microsoft based solutions.


Communication is very important to stay connected, to transmit information, to conduct business and for mission critical operations. It is the lifeline of most enterprises and has made the conduction of business across geographical boundaries a reality. Access to information anytime, anywhere is vital and Exchange Servers being a centralized hub of online mails help do just that. Exchange is also fully compatible with Outlook and supports additional features like Voice Mail storage, Calendar, Contact organizing and scheduling, etc. ITBelly offers it expertise in deploying, migrating and planning Exchange 2003/2007/2010. An increasing number of enterprises have realized the advantages of Exchange in terms of security, accessibility and low IT Costs. ITBelly leverages its expertise in successfully consolidating Exchange Server data for enterprise messaging and centralized communication. We offer effective customer implementation, operation and fault monitoring to handle mailbox server failover and cluster management.


Networks are the nerve centres of any IT infrastructure and the means to the end objectives of productivity and efficiency. ITBelly after careful study of the business environment designs end-to-end network systems that drive agility, high performance and meet the demands of future growth. The best configuration - a combination of wired and wireless technologies, cloud etc is chosen to build a robust setup for security, centralized software management, resource sharing and accessibility. ITBelly offers complete network lifecycle services comprising of planning, designing, deployment and management to support mission critical applications. The latest in internet, social networking and VoIP is leveraged to create optimized IT infrastructure. As enterprises grow network issues also grow proportionately. Efficient management and maintenance calls for expertise, experience and in-depth knowledge of the technologies involved. ITBelly ably supported by a team of competent networking professionals and real-time experience of having

IT Service Desk

The IT services offered by ITBelly are in compliance with ITIL standards. ITBelly provides a framework for integrating business processes into IT service management. Workflows are designed to automate many processes thus increasing efficiency and throughput. Continuity management is achieved through maintenance contracts, software licenses, service level management, availability management, and financial management. ITBelly offers its clients partnership and transition methodologies that empower the client with the flexibility to decide how much of control over IT operations is either retained by them or relegated to ITBelly. As part of Help Desk services ITBelly also takes care of asset management and vendor management.

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Technology Center

Enhancements, expansions, induction of new processes, cost cutting etc, call for a reconsideration of the existing infrastructure and a look-out for new services. Whatever the case maybe, the client demand is always for enhanced technology and services at a reduced cost of ownership! At ITBelly conceptualization begins with the end in mind. Based on industry best practices and our own domain expertise, we develop software services that best meet the client requirements in terms of quality, services and cost. The company has the team, the expertise and varied domain experience to deliver services of varying dimensions and complexities. Be it enhancing or expanding current systems and workflows or developing and designing new systems, ITBelly adopts the global sourcing model to leverage both onshore and offshore resources with an objective of reducing cost whilst enhancing the timelines for high quality deliverables.


In a globally competitive world, where business operations are heavily dependent on IT for their smooth functioning and conduction of numerous business transactions issues like server downtime, connectivity, power shutdowns, outages can be colossally catastrophic leading to huge monetary losses! The efficiency and success of any IT implementation can be measured in terms of its resilience and robustness in the face of eventualities. It is imperative for the components involved to work in tandem with each other as a cohesive whole for a smooth, glitch free and efficient functioning of any business or enterprise. There is also a more pronounced need for a capable IT support team that can immediately comprehend and resolve the issue in a minimum downtime. As part of the IT Management service portfolio, ITBelly offers 24x7x365 support services. Our support model is unique in that we work as an extension of the Client organization rather than as a separate entity. This gives us greater understanding of the Client’s IT landscape and naturally empowers us to quickly resolve the issues to get the systems up and running without loss of time and at no extra cost. It is not without reason that we are known for our exceptional support services. ITBelly also offers support services in setting up Technological and Infrastructural setups and upgrades for new enterprises to get them day one productive. Customer satisfaction being uppermost we offer various Support Agreements to meet the business needs of the client. Ably supporting us is our excellent team of engineers with backing of years of experience, expertise and pro-active approach.

Application Support

Changing business needs translates to change in application needs as characterized by the heterogeneous applications environment found in most enterprises. With a major chunk of businesses being dependent on IT for smooth conduction of day-to-day operations, the need for Application Support and Maintenance services is more pronounced than ever before. Based on the business needs of the client, ITBelly after careful analysis, forethought and planning determines, designs and integrates applications that best fulfills the business needs in terms of optimized performance and efficiency. Software applications are installed and configured. Databases are set up to mirror the business needs. ITBelly takes care of all your mission-critical applications so that you can take care of your business. In view of the rapidly changing marketplace, end-to-end ASM solutions are designed to be comprehensive, scalable and modular. Scalability ensures the services grow dynamically in tandem with evolving business needs. The modular approach helps the client to pick and choose what they need and when they need it. ITBelly ASM services are seamless and aimed at enhancing the life of the applications.

Service Desk

Service Desk is the nerve center of any business setup. It ensures continuity, availability and reliability of IT services for smooth and efficient functioning of any enterprise. As the first-point-of-contact ITBelly offers Service Desk services as a single entity rather than silos negating the need for its clients to source help from multiple agencies. This also gives us absolute hold as against fragmented control. ITBelly Service Desk is available 24x7x365 days to offer continual support to ensure there are no hiccups in the business operations. On board is a team of qualified and experienced engineers who are adept at quickly identifying and fixing issues. Problems are resolved based on the issues at hand. Our engineers use the latest technology to assess and remotely address Client’ server, desktop and network related problems. In case of emergencies and if need be our engineers make onsite visits to resolve issues. Use of appropriate tools and processes helps us offer cost effective services to the clients. ITBelly has also helped many companies make a smooth transition from different configurations to ITBelly’s centralized Service Desk which has led to standardization across enterprise operations.